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Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains have more biodiversity than nearly every other place on earth.  That beauty is apparent within the state, from the gorgeous bodies of water to the majestic Smoky Mountains. Surrounding these features of mother nature are the flowers that add pops of color and floral scents to the air.  Here are some of the most beautiful flowers native to the area:

1. Dwarf Crested Iris:

Iris is the goddess of rainbows in Greek mythology.  These gorgeous flowers have a variety of colors on one plant, ranging from deep purple to whites and pale yellows.  You can find these beauties, which are also the state flower of Tennessee, throughout the low elevations in the Smoky Mountains.

dwarf crested iris

2. Butterfly weed:

The bright orange and yellow plants aren’t only gorgeous on their own but they also attract beautiful butterflies to bring even more visual appeal!  You can see this plant in low elevations, up to 2000 feet, throughout the park.  They’re very common on roadsides from June to September.

3. Jack in the Pulpit

At first glance, Jack in the Pulpit doesn’t seem like a wildflower.  The actual flower in this plant is a bit hard to find.  It is clustered around the base inside the leaf sheath.  These small beauties are easy to miss and grow in damp, low elevation woodlands.  You’ll find them on streamside trails throughout the park.

Jack in the Pulpit

4. Black-eyed Susan

The roots of this beautiful plant has many medicinal home uses!  It has been used for earaches, as an astringent, and also as a poultice for snake bites. Black-eyed Susan grows in dense clumps throughout the Smokies.  They’re common along the edges of fields and along roadsides.

5. Painted Trillium

Tennessee houses many variety of trillium, but the painted trillium is arguably the prettiest.  Triullum come in a variety of colors, from white to yellow to deep purple.  The painted trillium is instantly recognizable by the three broad leaves, three white petals, and the brilliant pop of pink near the pistils.  Look for this lovely plant at every elevation in the Smokies!

A painted trillium on a carpet of moss.

6. Turk’s Cap Lily

These lovely flowers are a treat to find! The vibrant red, yellow, or orange coloring makes them very attractive to behold and quite beautiful, while the rareness of them makes it all the more special to see one.  Turk’s cap lily’s resemble an upside down day lily and found in the high elevations along the trail and roadsides.

7. Wild Bleeding Hearts

These simply gorgeous flowers are romantics at heart!  They are the vibrant hue of love and shaped like pretty Valentine’s hearts naturally.

8. Geraniums

Hues ranging from pinkish to purple, these beautiful plants are recognized by their five petals.  They are soft, pretty, delicate and simply a delight. see wild geraniums along low to mid elevations trails in the park.

9. Indian Pipe

To the novice flower seeker, Indian Pipe can be brushed off as a fungus or a strange mushroom.  These gorgeous translucent-appearing flowers often grow in clusters in heavily shaded areas.  The name is derived from the appearance of a Native American Peace Pipe.  Legend says these plants grow in places where kinfolk have had an argument.  Find Indian Pipe at any elevation in the Smokies throughout the summer months.

Indian Pipe

10. Bird Foot Violet

The leaf is said to resemble a bird’s foot, hence the name. Rich shades of violet and soft lavender often color these fanciful flowers.  They are attractive and look great in photos so be sure to take a picture of it if you stumble upon a patch of them!

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Flowers are some of the nicest accessories that adorn mother nature and Tennessee has quite an abundance of magnificent species.  Lace-up your hiking shoes, and get your camera ready.

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