Tennessee is known for the beauty of nature that is apparent within the state, from the gorgeous bodies of water to the majestic Smoky Mountains.  Surrounding these features of mother nature are the flowers that add pops of color and floral scents to the air.  Here are some of the most beautiful flowers native to the area:

1. Iris:

The name Iris means rainbow in Greek and these plants were so named because they come in such a beautiful array of colors like purple, blue, and yellow.

2. Butterflyweed:

The bright orange and yellow plants aren’t only gorgeous on their own but they also attract beautiful butterflies to bring even more visual appeal!

3. Balloon Flowers

These gorgeous flowers can be white, blue, or pink and are sure to add a gorgeous pop of color to any landscape.

4. Blackeyed Susan

The roots of this beautiful plant has many medicinal home uses!  It has been used for earaches, as an astringent, and also as a poultice for snake bites.

5. Lanceleaf Coreopsis

These pretty flowers follow the sun and thrive with warmth.  They are easy to plant and have thrive, very low maintenance.

6. Turk’s Cap Lily

Rare, these lovely flowers are a treat to find! The vibrant red, yellow, or orange coloring makes them very attractive to behold and quite beautiful, while the rareness of them makes it all the more special to see one.

7. Wild Bleeding Hearts

These simply gorgeous flowers are romantics at heart!  They are the vibrant hue of love and shaped like pretty valentine’s hearts naturally.

8. Geraniums

Hues ranging from pink, purple, blue to white can be found coloring these feminine flowers.  They are soft, pretty, delicate and simply a delight.

9. Obedient Plant

Super flexible, these plants received the name “obedient” because they can be turned this way or that on their pliable stems.  The colors for the tubular flowers range from pink to purple, with white sometimes occurring.

10. Bird Foot Violet

The leaf is said to resemble a bird’s foot, hence the name. Rich shades of violet and soft lavender often color these fanciful flowers.  They are attractive and look great in photos so be sure to take a picture of it if you stumble upon a patch of them!

Flowers are some of the nicest accessories that adorn mother nature and Tennessee has quite an abundance of magnificent species.  Explore the fields and wooded areas and you may be surprised on the beauty that you witness.

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