One of the most beautiful places on Earth is the area known as the Great Smoky Mountains.  This place offers gorgeous landscapes and scenery that the eye can take in all day and never get weary of seeing.  Mother Nature was in a very good mood the day that she created that part of the Earth, bestowing it with splendidly changing leaves, flowing streams, breathtaking mountains, and other lush sites of beauty.  The entire region could be considered stunningly close to perfect, but here are five of the regions top majestic sites.

1. Ramsay Cascades

This unique feature of nature is nestled away in an area requiring a four mile hike to it and is well worth the trip!  Water cascades 65 feet down the rocks in a beautiful ode to the mechanisms of nature, providing ample photographic opportunity.  The Cascades will make for an enjoyable outing for the family (those who can keep up on the hike!) and pays off with an awe-inspiring view.

2. Cataloochee Overlook

This overlook allows for one of the best views in all of the Smoky Mountains.  Soak in the view of the entire Cataloochee Valley below and the pristine mountains in the distance.  Taking the trip to this spot in the fall will bless you with a view that lets you know that God must exist and is an artist at that!  The foliage and autumn colors will delight your senses.

3. Rich Mountain Road

A scenic drive along this road will garner you photographs galore!  Many award-winning images were taken here of the beautiful scenes of nature.  It winds through the trees so that the awesome foliage can be seen and bubbling bodies of water are on view as well.

4. Little River

This roaring, bubbling river is a must-see for a trip to Tennessee because it provides ample opportunity for photographs.  Different parts of the river conjure up various feelings of serenity and peace and the scenes vary greatly depending on what section that you find yourself on.

5. The Mountains

And to save the best for last, the most majestic thing to view in the Smoky Mountains would be the mountains themselves!  Nothing attests to the true beauty and power of nature as these towering ranges of splendor.

No matter what you photograph in the Smokies, you will take a little piece of the beauty home with you.

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