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Love is always in the air in the Smoky Mountains.  Nature ensured that with sweeping valleys, high mountain peak views, brilliantly colored foliage, cascading waterfalls, and magnificent sunsets of vibrant hues.  Finding romantic locations to share adoring looks and sweet kisses is super easy.  Simply walk outside!  For a few specifics, read on:

1. The Gatlinburg Skylift allows you to soar to majestic heights with your sweetie.  Hold hands as you gaze over the idyllic town of Gatlinburg. Take in the mountain views before you.  You get to ride up the mountain side as the city spreads in front of you, dotted with lights and colors if you happen to take a gorgeous sunset ride. You’ll feel like you are really riding off into the sunset!

2. For a truly natural experience, have a picnic in the area’s famous valley of Cades Cove.   Pack up a huge feast, because you’ve got options for picnic locations in Cades Cove.  Take a short hike to a waterfall and eat your lunch on the trail.  Or, pack your meal in coolers.  There’s a picnic area at the end of the loop where you can relax next to a gurgling stream.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic route through the Blue Ridge Mountains for those want to drive together.  Listen to your favorite songs as you take in the sites.  Look for deer eating along the side of the road. Serenade your loved one with some country crooning as you wind down this famous road.

4. When hiking through the Smoky Mountains, there are hidden waterfalls within its many miles of land.  Why don’t you plan to find one and splash around with each other in the cool waters, stealing kisses under the falls? Grotto Falls, located just outside of Gatlinburg, is easy to reach.  Walk behind the waterfall for a truly unique.

5. A romantic cabin or chalet tucked away in the Smoky Mountains is key for a perfect romantic getaway.  There are many Gatlinburg cabins that will take your breath away with their simple beauty and cozy interiors.  Fireplaces and hot tubs under the twinkling stars were made for romantic interludes for you and your special someone.

Finding romance in the Smoky Mountains is as easy as coming to the area.  There is beauty all around.  Warmth of love is quite palpable in the air.

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