Tennessee is a state with a very rich history of legendary proportions.  Some myths are tall tales and some are  about true people so epic that you’d think that the stories must be false.  Some myths and legends of Tennessee:

  1. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel – The king of whiskey led a life full of intrigue, even something as simple as his birth year led to questions and myths.  He claimed to have been born in 1850 and started his distillery at 16, the youngest man to do so.  However, his mother was said to have died in 1847, so hard to have a child when you’ve been dead for 3 years!  Some historians say that instead, he was born in 1846 and founded the distillery in 1875.  The ironic way that he died was from a blood infection after kicking his safe when he couldn’t remember the combination and contracting a wound; which could have in turn perhaps been healed with a splash of his whiskey over it!
  2. The Bell Witch – This poltergeist spirit first drove Farmer John Bell to his death and tormented his family by kicking, scratching, and dragging them from their beds.  Now it haunts the same area and the cave on the property, taking sick pleasure in tormenting those who come in order to investigate the stories.
  3. Blood Rain – In 1841, there was a rain of blood in Lebanon, Tennessee!  Slaves were working in the fields when they noticed that instead of a normal rain, blood was pouring from the sky!  Scientist now believe that a decaying animal may have been swept up in a tornado type heavy wind and rained down its blood once inside of an electrical cloud.
  4. The Grand Ole Gal – This German woman in Maury Country, Betsey Trantham, was reported to have lived to be 149 years old!  Not only that, but supposedly she bore her last child at 65 years old!
  5. Elvis Presley – There are few stars that shined as bright as Elvis Presley!  A Memphis, Tennessee import, he is known as the King of Rock and Roll and there is a monument to his legacy at Graceland.  Through a tumultuous life of music, drugs, weight gain, and an eventual overdose death, the King of Rock lives on in the Memphis psyche.

There’s a rich history in Tennessee; go down and explore the richness that the state has to offer!

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