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mountain cabinsEveryone deserves a refreshing vacation from the daily stresses that age us. Getting away from it all is a form of therapy that is invaluable to our mental health. In fact, 94% of Americans surveyed confirmed that they feel as much or more energy after they return from a great trip.

Some travelers love the beach. Some love the city and the nightlife. They can have it all because the most relaxing place of all is in the mountains. There is quiet, there is peace, and there is beautiful nature. Who needs anything else?

Of all the mountains to choose from, the Smoky Mountains are among the most exquisite. The temperature is cool and refreshing, the park is absolutely free, and some of the mountains date back as far as 300 million years.

Of course, you don’t want to circumvent all the therapeutic qualities of your trip by ruining it with poor planning. Without thinking things through, you can incur travel stress, which defeats the whole point of getting away.

In your planning process, you’ll be faced with a big decision: book one of those cozy Smoky mountain cabins or stick with the hotels? Here are 7 excellent reasons why the former is the right choice.

1. Cook For YourselfKitchen in Smoky Mountain Treehouse, a cabin rental in Gatlinburg

Whether you’re with your family or on a romantic trip for two, there’s nothing better than waking up and making a hearty breakfast.

Forget the tiny mini fridge and sad microwave that a hotel room offers. When you stay in one of the lovely mountain cabins, you’ll have an entire kitchen at your disposal.

What about cookware? It’s fully furnished. You’ll have a home away from home, which usually helps travelers sleep more soundly.

2. Save Money

As just stated, mountain cabins give you the ability to provide for yourself! That will help you pinch some pennies in your food budget.

Actually, more Americans spend an average of $33 a day while on vacation in the United States. That can seriously add up if you’re bringing a significant other or spouse, let alone a family.

Staying in one of American Patriot Getaways Smoky Mountain cabins will enable you to go grocery shopping and stock more than a tiny hotel mini fridge would be able to.

Additionally, you can make yourself some snacks and lunches for all the picnics and hikes you’ll enjoy! No unhealthy convenience store junk food for you!

3. Get More for Your Money

Not only will you get a fully equipped kitchen, but mountains cabins have other rooms for you to use and explore.

Tired from a long day trip hiking through the stunning Smoky Mountain forests? Relax on the comfortable couch in your cabin living room and pop in a movie. Even if you don’t feel like a film, many cabins have board games or game room options. In nearly all our cabins, you’ll score a hot tub!

And who cares about a balcony when you can enjoy a spacious front or back porch. A balcony won’t have you at eye level with the wonders of nature, appreciating exactly where you are in that moment.

4. Peace and Privacy

Every traveler has experienced it at least once in their adventures – other tourists can ruin your experience. Sometimes they are loud, obnoxious, and oblivious. Not every traveler loves the company of dozens of other tourists.

If you enjoy peace, you’ll definitely enjoy the privacy that mountain cabins provide. Instead of being held captive in a box in the sky with hundreds of other strangers, you can be tucked away in your own corner of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Avoid the awkward elevator small talk by choosing a cabin instead!

5. Relax Without the Guilt

Rocking chairs on a deck overlooking a mountain winter sunsetOftentimes travelers feel guilty when they get tired and want to stay in. In a hotel room, that claustrophobic feeling of needing to get out is even stronger.

It’s your vacation, you should be lazy if you want to! The whole point of a break from work and the daily stresses back home is to rest and recharge. When you return, you should feel like a brand new person.

Staying in a small hotel room is no fun, but a cabin is a different story. With a full kitchen, theater room, hot tub, and other amenities, you can even enjoy the time you spend not seeing the sights.

When you stay in a cabin, you’re already a part of it all. You’re right in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains, and you don’t have to travel any farther than the porch to appreciate the glory of the great outdoors.

6. Nice Neighbors

If you’re afraid you’ll be too isolated out in the wilderness, don’t forget that you’ll have cabin neighbors nearby.

The best part is that if you want to befriend your neighbors, you won’t have to awkwardly invite them to your tiny hotel room. Your cabin makes the perfect venue for hosting guests!

Remember, having a neighbor a short distance away is much better than having them directly above, below, and on either side of you. It only takes a brief search on the Internet to find endless stories about nightmare hotel neighbors.

Good luck sleeping when the room above you is having dance rehearsal for an upcoming competition!

7. Authenticity

The point of traveling is to experience something different than what you normally do. How can you enjoy the great outdoors from a stiff, artificial hotel room?

Who cares about a hotel swimming pool when you’re staying in a cabin near a clear spring? Who cares about a beautifully decorated lobby when your lobby can be the pristine forest?

No matter how you look at it, the experience of staying in a hotel cannot compare to the experience of staying in a rustic cabin in the forest.

Smoky Mountain Cabins for the Perfect Getaway

Planning for a trip can get hectic, which is where a company like American Patriot Getaways comes in. You need to look no farther than our website to find the perfect place to stay in the phenomenal Great Smoky Mountains.

Check out our local deals and book your dream cabin today!

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