Ah, the smoky mountains. A place that’s surrounded by gorgeous hills, peaks, and mountains.

Not only is it a stunning view, it’s healthy for you, too. Spending a day in the great outdoors contributes to weight loss and lower stress levels.

Is that convincing enough? Then you’ll need a place to stay. How about renting a cabin?

As the most traditional way to stay in the mountains, you’ll want to know what the best smoky mountain cabin rentals have to offer. Take a look!


You’ll want to take into consideration all the things you want to do and how to keep your budget on track. Do you want to keep eating out to a minimum? Then you’ll want to look for smoky mountain cabin rentals that have a fully equipped kitchen to cook meals.

If you are planning to spend a lot of time sightseeing or getting into all the latest attractions then look for a budget-friendly cabin. Many come at different price ranges because of all the extras that might come with it.

Access from Road

Since you’ll be perched up on the mountain side, it’s best to know how you can reach your cabin. You may need to rent a truck if the road is made of gravel. You’ll need that powerful four-wheel drive.

Take into consideration the weather. While smoky mountain cabin rentals are always great for every season of the year, weather can pose a problem.

If your trip is booked for the winter time, you might want to wrap chains around your tires to gain better traction while traversing the roadways.

Number of Bedrooms

Bringing along your family or a group of your closest girlfriends? You’ll need to make sure everyone is accommodated. Some may have to bunk together or if you’re lucky, everyone can get their own bedroom.

It all depends on the size of your group. If need be, rent out a smaller cabin specifically for the kids or other adults.


The point of escaping the city is to come to an area that’s secluded. You want to be away from everyone and all the noise.

With most smoky mountain cabin rentals being widespread, there’s plenty of opportunities to be placed in a cabin that’s on its own lot. You’ll have private access to it meaning you’ll be the only one able to use the road leading to it.

To get the best-secluded cabin, don’t choose one that’s close to the lodging entrance. That’s where they place the gifts shops and other stores, therefore, they built a lot of cabins there for convenience.


When it comes to smoky mountain cabin rentals, everything it has to offer is very important. Does it have a full kitchen for family meals? Do you want a cabin without internet for a device-free vacation?

Now’s the time to pick out a cabin that has special features like indoor hot tubs or game rooms. You want to have all the conveniences you’d have at home but more extravagant.

One amenity you’ll have to research on is if they accept pets. Most of them do, which is great news for your furry friends. They’ll love the outdoors as much as you.


Speaking of pets, does the smoky cabin rentals you have your eye on live close to any wildlife attractions? This is great for the kids and even adults.

Get closer to nature by visiting petting zoos and animal reserves which everyone will love.

Just be careful when it comes to exploring the great outdoors on your own. You may encounter wild animals like deer and elk.


The whole point of renting a cabin is to get close to nature, right? You don’t want one that’s facing towards a busy road.

Take this into consideration if you have the opportunity to pick which cabin you want. If you have kids, you’ll most likely want one that’s close to a playground. For adults, one close to a hiking trail is ideal.

Don’t forget about access to local places like grocery and clothing stores. You’ll need groceries to make home cooked meals. And you never know, you might need to pick up a pair of hiking boots to brave the mountain trails.

Things to Do

Of course, when you spend vacation time in the outdoors, you don’t want to be cooped up in the cabin all day! It’s time to get out and enjoy all the things there is to do.

If you’re planning your stay in Gatlinburg, you’ll want to check out all their amazing restaurants. They have everything from good ole home style cooking to fine dining places.

Then, finish the day with some sightseeing. You’ll never be bored as there are always things to do wherever your cabin is.

Reason for Renting

Vacations are more than just for families. You could surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway or keep it all to yourself for a relaxing week.

Whatever your reason is, there’s plenty of accommodations that’ll suit your needs. You could get in-house couples massages or pick a cabin with a large fireplace for hot cocoa by the fire.

What’s Included?

With some smoky mountain cabin rentals, not everything you think they would have is included. For kitchens, you’ll need to know if they supply the cookware and flatware.

If there’s coolers or a fireplace, you may need to buy your own ice and fire wood. If you have specific needs like to be housed in a cabin that’s not pet-friendly because of allergies, you’ll want to discuss this with management along with any other questions you may have.

Wrapping Up on Finding the Best Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals

Your vacation is special to you. There’s no better place to spend it than up in the smoky mountains.

Next time you’re looking for a perfect cabin either in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, remember the name American Patriot Getaway for all your cabin needs! We have everything from large group cabins to ones near the water.

Ready to book your dream vacation or honeymoon? Contact us today!

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