Imagine gliding through the trees like Tarzan, having the wind flowing over you, scenes whizzing by, and nature cheering for you with its many wondrous sounds.  Sound like an awesome experience?  Then you want to go zip-lining in Eastern Tennessee!

For those who want to be immersed in the nature and beauty of the Smoky Mountains, there are tours that let you zip smoothly through the trees and release your inner jungle (wo)man!  Many are family oriented so you can bring along children as young as four years old to share in the excitement and fun.  Zip lines rope through the terrain and are connected via treetop canopies.  Ziplines Family Adventures Gatlinburg offers many innovative additions to ziplining that can only be found with their company, like a one of a kind thrilling twilight night tour or turning the tour into surfing amongst the trees with the world’s only zipboard!

Smoky Mountains Zip Lines in Pigeon Forge also offers a fun experience on the largest course in Pigeon Forge.  Do a zip line race with your buddies on side by side super speed lines.

Some ziplines are even over rivers for those wanting an extra rush!  Ziplining originated in South America but the backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains provides a perfect location of scenery!  Gorgeous hill areas, rivers to sweep over, and of course beautiful foliage to whiz through!  A perfect family vacation can await you with a gorgeous cabin in Gatlinburg, a trip to Dollywood for fun shows and ziplining, a hike through the Great Smoky Mountains Park, and then even more ziplining at any of the aforementioned tour companies!  Happy tree sailing!

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