Majestic mountains, bubbling streams, fields of lush green grass, scurrying wild life, balmy breezes, and the wide open road make taking an RV road trip through the Smoky Mountains a very appealing prospect!  Yes, we do rent cabins in Gatlinburg so it may not be in our best financial interest, but we completely understand the appeal of an adventure-full RV trip through the Smokies. Why take a plane when the drive is so awesome?  The expense is less, nature surrounds you along the way, and pets can come along to join the fun!

The first and most important step to any RV enjoyment is to ensure that the vehicle is well-fueled, maintained for road travel, and that there are no leaks, flat tires, or other causes for concern.  Check the electrical elements, mechanical under the hood area, as well as the appearance.  Taking care of small problems now can save on a large tab later for repairs, and no one wants to find issues while on the road!

There are plenty of options in Tennessee for those on an RV trip; the Smokies offers 30 campgrounds to station the vehicle and then enjoy the surrounding areas such as Gatlinburg.  Once situated, the possibilities are practically endless!

Love sports activities?  Fishing in the Smokies in any of the miles of streams will reward you with trout and many hours of activity.  Those who are inclined to golf can easily get out onto the green and perfect their swing.  White water rafting, canoeing, water-skiing, tubing, and swimming are just some of the many water activities available for those who want to make a splash!  Fancy becoming at one with nature?  An exhilerating hike through the woods and along the trails will not only give you exercise, but can make for breath-taking photos and memorable adventures!  Happy trails ahead!

Need some family friendly fun that the little ones will enjoy?  There are a host of things to delight their sensibilities!  A cool water park like Wild Bear Falls has fun specifically designed with tiny tots in mind and many things for parents to enjoy as well.

Fairs and concerts are plenty available in the area so gobble down good eats while jamming to country tunes.  Find out about the rich history of the area in your exploration, that alone could make up days of educational fun!  Have some possum treats, explore Dollywood, and learn how to play the banjo!

Before going back on the road in the RV, double check again that tire pressure, fuel, and food supply are all up to par.  Enjoy the trip and see you at a Smoky Mountain National Park soon!

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