“The Lumberjack Feud is soon to be a $10 million dollar attraction in Pigeon Forge, scheduled to open June 2011. The premise of the show is two Smoky Mountain logging families, the McGraw’s and the Dawson’s, that find themselves embattled as the timber industry is shut down by the announcement from President Roosevelt of the National Park. With only enough logging tracts left to sustain one family, the families agree to settle this feud with a lumberjack duel at the Pigeon Forge Logging Jamboree. The losing family must leave the Smokies forever.

Lumberjack Sports International is behind the show, and world champion lumberjack Rob Scheer is serving as president of the attraction. The show will be filled with local history and culture, and Scheer and his research team will create video vignettes and use still photos, logging memorabilia and displays that will become the Smoky Mountain Forest History Center. The Center will be the entrance to the show and will provide guests will an accurate portrayal of the Smoky Mountain logging era.

Lumberjack Feud Dinner & ShowThe Lumberjack Feud Dinner & Show strives to recreate the atmosphere of lumberjack competitions circa 1930. The festive occasion included music, food and friendly competition and the show will recreate that experience. As a guest at the show, you become a member of one of the feuding families, led by the hero Dan Dawson and heroine Molly McGraw. The competitive spirit begins immediately with the Picnic Jamboree, which includes entertaining songs, bear characters, dueling chainsaw carving and audience participation. Once the Picnic Jamboree portion of the show is complete, the Camp Cook will take guests on a historic journey to the days of Smoky Mountain logging. Video clips on two large screens transform the theater into a 1930s logging valley, where the two logging families are spotlighted.

The feud portion of the event begins shortly thereafter. The 60 minute competition portion of the show will feature two teams of world class ESPN timber athletes. Chopping, sawing, axe throwing; boom running, log rolling and high tree climbing will all be spotlighted. Other elements include draft horses skidding logs, water jumping dogs, the comedic antics of the Camp Cook and the star-crossed lover’s story of Dan Dawson and Molly McGraw.

The Lumberjack Feud Theater will hold 1000 guests and will be the largest attraction of its kind in the world.”

Lumberjack Feud

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