The owners of the Pigeon Forge Titanic Museum Attraction, John and Mary Joslyn are opening a new attraction in Pigeon Forge and hope to open by the summer of 2013.  They have recently announced the opening of a new attraction called Water Magic.  It will open on the 2100 block of the Pigeon Forge parkway just across from the Titanic Museum Attraction.

Water Magic will be an attraction/interactive museum that is based solely on water.  However, it’s not a just a museum and not just a water park, it will be so much more, a truly one of a kind experience.  It will feature all things water.  Cool things you can do with water, how you can play with water and other unbelievable things that water can do, all this with no bathing suit required.

Water MagicWater Magic will be an attraction that will offer guests a one of a kind experience, beginning with a 100-foot kinetic-energy sculpture.  Topped with a 1,000 gallon water bucket that topples over on a regular basis, this amazing sculpture will feature water that cascades down and onto Water Magic’s entry plaza.  Then you will make your way through fountains of all kinds that are choreographed to music, where you will also run into the wizard of water who loves to get people wet.  From there is where the real fun begins.  The attraction will feature different galleries offering fun experiences with water, from the mysterious to the slippery to the mesmerizing to the reflective and hypnotic. One will create the illusion of walking on water, another offers a Water Tunnel with a surprise introduction and another will open to a mirror maze that features, of course, water. There will also be a deep sea area, where visitors will experience what a dive to the ocean floor is like, complete with the challenges and creatures of the briny deep. Down the hall will be the Bubble Room, where all can explore the workings of bubbles.  With plenty of chances to get wet throughout the attraction a cool feature will be body driers at each gallery so that guests will not leave in wet clothes and from what they are saying  there will also not be a need for bathing suits in the attraction.

Like the Joslyn’s other Pigeon Forge project, Water Magic will be unparalleled in its commitment to every aspect of the guest experience. There is not a  projected opening date for this attraction.

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