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What are the top hunting blogs out there? We asked ourselves this question because a lot of our readers are hunting enthusiasts.

To answer that question, we did extensive research. We asked our past Gatlinburg cabins guests, polled some of our readers, and scrutinized the feed readers of our staff.  All that work allowed us to identify the top 10 hunting blogs out there.

Here they are:

1. Hunt Only – http://www.huntonly.com/ This website contains a wealth of knowledge about the hunting world. From tricks and tips to reviews of the best hunting gear, you’ll find it at Hunt Only.  This “hunting brotherhood” will make you feel right at home.  There’s a robust forum where everything hunting-related is discussed, from bow-hunting and archery to photos of the latest awesome kills.

2. Hunting Articles by Tom Remington – (you may know him from his YouTube channel “Open Air with Tom Remington”).  His website, where in addition to seeing some awe-inspiring photos, you can read in-depth, insightful articles on the hunting world and the legislation that affects it.

3. Deer Slayer – http://deerslayercom.blogspot.com/ An informal, fun site crafted as a personal blog to keep up with David Voyles adventures in hunting.

4. Outdoors International – http://www.gothunts.com/blog This site connects those looking for the best guided hunts to the professionals who can make it happen. They also have a very cool blog with info about hunts and photos of their work.

5. Hunting News Daily – http://huntingnewsdaily.com/ Stay up to date with all there is to know in the hunting world with this constantly updated blog.  The posts here are gathered from around the world and compiled into one heck of a good read.

6. Wired to Hunt – http://www.wiredtohunt.com/ This blog is dedicated to dropping knowledge in a tech savvy way so a whole new generation of young hunters can stay in the know and continue the ages old tradition of hunting. They even offer a podcast.

7. Hunting Life – http://www.huntinglife.com/blog/ Helpful tips and personal stories are shared on this easy-to-read and navigate blog.  Live the hunting life!  There is true a community feel to this blog.  The posts are made by a variety of people with different points of view.  Content includes everything from debunking myths to sharing new kills.  You’ll find new tips posted often to make the most of their hunting knowledge.  There are also reviews on the site to help you purchase the best gear.

8. King’s Outdoor World – http://kingsoutdoorworld.com/ Want to know who’s bagged the latest record breaking catch?  Keep up to date with that info at King’s Outdoor World by David King.

9. The Hunter’s Wife – A humorous look into the life of a hunter’s wife and the woodland adventures she and her family share.  A funny peek into the daily happenings of a hunting family.  You might even find a few recipes and photos, too!

10. Field Notes – http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-notes The blog for the Field and Stream magazine enthusiasts with up to date information on great catches, survival tips, hunting/fishing information all compiled in a polished format.

Update your news feed readers and get to know these blogs!  The hunting community is large and the internet provides prime opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

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