Camping is a pastime that many love to do so that they can escape their ordinary lives and get in touch with a more laid back immersion into nature.  Of course, most can’t spend everyday camping but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up-to-date with the activity that you love so much!  These blogs make our top 10 list for their information, fun, pictures, and overall appeal according to over responses from over 5,000 of our past quests, polls of our readers and the feed readers of our staff:

  1. The Camping Guy: Tim the Camping Guy wrote the book on camping, literally!  He’s been at it for 25+ years and shares his experiences, knowledge, and tips on his blog in the form of articles.  He lays out what to expect your first time camping, how to choose the right tent, family camping tips, and some easy recipes that are suitable for camp sites.
  2. Camping Blogger: Centered around the idea of family camping, this blog provides tons of information and tips that will have you prepared for anything your next camping trip throws your way.
  3. Love in a Tent: Camping under the stars can be quite romantic and this blog showcases the ways to make that trip sexy and a lovers paradise!  Blog author Michelle Waitzman has written the book “Sex in a Tent” and the blog covers such pertinent information like the correct lingerie to pack for a camping trip and how to stay fresh for canoodling!
  4. Go Camping, America!: This blog is for the RV campers amongst us and gives information for great RV camping grounds, recipes that are easy to make within an RV, special festivals and events for RV campers, and more.
  5. Go Glamour Camping: For those who crave a bit of luxury with their “roughing it”, this site highlights ways to make your camping trip glamorous by glamping!  Fashionable patterned tents are shown, camping huts, how to keep the iPad and other creature comforts dry and working during camping, and the right glamp snacks to take are all a part of the blog for the elite among us.
  6. Joy of Camping: A family site, this blog shares kid-friendly recipes, ways to make it exciting for the little ones, ghost stories and jokes to share with the family, safety tips to keep your children safe, and lots more so that you and your whole bunch can have a great time in the wild outdoors!
  7. Hiking Camping Blog: For those who want to trek all around the world, this blog is a must read!  It shows the best trails, local customs, must see sights, whether an area is a sociable hiking experience with many hikers expected or a more remote nature experience and much more are detailed on this blog.
  8. Campist: Want to know the very best gear to take for your trip?  This site provides the knowledge and reviews on camping gear that you must have and compares different brands so that you won’t have to. Learn the best tents, backpacks, hiking boots, watches, etc that should be along for your camping adventure.
  9. Forever Camping: Mark Neustedt is forever camping and shares his experienced opinions and tips for the best camping trip.  He gives his thoughts on RV camping, tent camping, general camping gear, and ways to make the most of your camping outing.

Whether it is your first time camping or your 100th, there are lots of sites so that you can fellowship with your fellow camp lovers!  Rack up some tips, share some knowledge and most importantly, hit the road and camp!

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