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A cabin in Gatlinburg, TN called The Original American DreamThe Smoky Mountains attract more than 11 million visitors a year. If you don’t want to be one of the tourists who only see them by passing through or have pictures from a car window while stuck in traffic, renting a cabin might be for you.

Gatlinburg, TN is nestled right next to the Smoky Mountains – making it easy to access the nature of the Smokies with the amenities of a tourist community.

To avoid the ever-crowded hotels stuffed with tourists, we recommend booking one of our Gatlinburg cabins. For a quick getaway or long stay with family or friends, it is the perfect way to see the Smoky Mountains.

If this is your first time booking a cabin rental, not to worry. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips you’ll need for booking Gatlinburg Cabins. To make this your best vacation yet, read on!

Booking Gaps

If you don’t have a strict work schedule or a specific set of dates picked out for your Smoky Mountain visit, look into the common “gap” at properties.

These gaps are referring to unbooked nights between reservations. Having empty cabins during the season encourage property managers to promote specials and deals throughout the year.

Calling or emailing the property manager at the property and asking if they have any gaps between reservations. It is a sure way to not only save you money (sometimes 25% or more!) but ensure you won’t be there during a busy week.

Another option is to check out the property’s website and see if they have a specials page. This can include certain deals they may have going on for a specific cabin type.

Booking Times

Living room with a large stone fireplaceIf you aren’t dead-set on going during a specific season, it’s good to consider the benefits of booking during the low or mid-season.

Most travelers take time to plan their vacations and book in advance; on the other hand, those who like last minute trips will find deals for the week they are planning to go.

If you are looking to book during high season or for a holiday, make sure to plan and book this well in advance. The summer is a popular time for tourists and vacationers, so Gatlinburg cabins are quick to go.

American Patriot Getaways offers year-long promotions and seasonal discounts!

Compare prices

It’s a no-brainer that you are going to compare cabin rental prices when searching for the best deal to spend for your vacation.

Where most people make the mistake of price comparison is in the nightly rate. Instead of comparing each night rate to other rental properties, see what the difference is for your total reservation.

Although it may be cheaper nightly at one property, there could be hidden fees and a resort fee that will add up in the end. Other fees could include a non-refundable damage fee, cleaning fees, or lodging taxes.

Make sure to do your research on the rental property to avoid surprise fees. Speaking of doing your research…

Know Who You’re Renting From

If this is your first time renting a cabin, make sure to know the rental property before you get there. Read reviews, check out their website, and contact them to ask questions.

Most Gatlinburg cabins will have a lodging policy which you will need to agree to. This should contain terms and conditions regarding the cabin you are renting; take your time and read through the entire document to understand what their policy is.

Ask Questions

Hot tub on a deck overlooking the Smoky MountainsWe mentioned asking questions and we aren’t referring to the “how many rooms does this cabin have” type.

You may not think to ask these until you’re already there, but it’s good to know whether a cabin is in close proximity to other cabins, which way the sunrise and sunset are, or how far grocery stores, dining, and other activities are from the cabin location.

Here’s a list of other questions we suggest asking before you get there:

If you do have general questions about the cabin rental, the answer to those should easily be found on the website on an FAQ page. Each rental property is different and usually has a variety of cabins ranging from styles to sizes.

Be sure to read what each cabin offers as far as amenities, sizes, and specials they may have. If you decide to rent from American Patriot Getaways, all your questions can be answered by speaking to our friendly Reservations Department!


Gatlinburg is a wonderful place to see and experience the Smoky Mountains. Nestled next to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, tourists and visitors alike can experience the wildlife, waterfalls, hikes, and more right from their fingertips.

Gatlinburg Cabins

A deck with rocking chairs overlooking the Great Smoky MountainsRenting a cabin from American Patriot Getaways gives you the Smoky Mountains as your scenic background. You’ll have nature surrounding you, peace and quiet, and the privacy you won’t find in a hotel.

Gatlinburg Cabins come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from handicap accessible, pet-friendly, and privacy. Amenities can include mountain views, home theaters, and pool access.

Make Gatlinburg your home away from home you never want to leave. To learn more about our cabin types, browse our website or contact us to learn about availability and current deals!

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