Have an insatiable sweet tooth? You’re on vacation, why not indulge in some ooey-gooey goodness sure not to be on the diet but always on your mind?  The Smoky Mountains already provides a feast for the other senses, don’t leave your poor sense of taste out of the equation!  Close your eyes and imagine these delicious treats dancing on your tongue:

1. Mayfield Dairy Bar

Rich creamy ice-cream from the Mayfield Dairy Bar will make you look at ice-cream in a whole new light.  Have it atop their funnel cake or in a sundae for a dessert that will make you never want to return home!

2. Smoky Mountain Cakes

Every opportunity to have cake is an opportunity not meant to be passed up!  These cakes can be custom made to fit whatever occasion you may be celebrating and comes in a variety of flavors so that you are sure to be satisfied by this treat.  What’s great about the company is that while you are lounging around your Gatlinburg cabin, they will deliver the cake for free!

3. Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Taffy is a southern treat that just can not be missed in this Gatlinburg favorite. Pulled fresh made taffy, scrumptious caramel apples, and many more treats will make you feel like a big kid in a candy store as you devour the sugary concoctions.  Just be sure to brush your teeth well!

4. Desserts and More Café

This cute cafe serves up homemade treats on an ever changing menu that will have you eating dessert before dinner!  Why wait for the end of the meal when delectable cheesecakes, chocolate tiramisu, mind-blowing creme brulee, and pies just like grandma used to make are waiting for you? Round up the family and share a couple of desserts because these are some must-eat treats.

5. The Funnel Cake Company

Fried anything + sugar = win every time!  What’s not to like about funnel cake, with it’s golden fried exterior, soft warm interior, and powder sugar and/or chocolate loaded on top?  They even sell packaged mix so that when the crave is calling when you return home, you can answer its call and make your own!  Don’t forget to pass me a fork!

Vacation is a fun time to partake in some guilt free dessert splurging.  You only live once, so grab that fork, put on your “I got this in Gatlinburg” bib, pull up to the table and let’s chow down!

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