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Aging doesn’t have to mean missing out on hiking in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has hiking trails for everyone and every skill level. If you’ve got older adults, senior citizens, or group members with limited mobility, you’ll want to check out this list of hiking trails for seniors in the Smoky Mountains.

Hiking Together

The Sugarlands Nature Trail is easily recognized as the most accessible trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Not only does this trail have plenty of paved, level parking, it’s also paved!  This 0.75 mile paved nature trail is a great fit for the whole family.  This nature trail is not only a great trail for seniors, it’s also great for little ones in a stroller. 

The loop trail winds its way through a stand of trees, past a brick chimney.  Take your time exploring here. Step off the pavement and you can walk down to the bubbling stream.  Back on the paved trail, approximately halfway through the paved loop, you’ll see evidence of our most famous resident.  That’s right – there are black bear prints right in the concrete!

The loop trail continues around through the forest and brings you right back to your car.  Spend an hour or half a day here.  With plenty of benches, small side trails, and big trees, every member of your family will enjoy Sugarlands Nature Trail.

The Quiet Walkways

These trails are truly unique. Each of the 14 quiet walkways are easily accessible off a parking area.  Simply look for the signs dotting the roadside throughout the park.

Quiet Walkways are not designated trails. You won’t find them on any map. Simply meander your way out as far as you wish before returning to your car. Typically these small, gentle trails are between a quarter and three quarters of a mile long.  They’re perfect for getting out and stretching your legs while taking a scenic drive.

Dotted throughout the park, Quiet Walkways are easy to miss.  Best of all, no matter when you visit the Smokies, you’ll typically have a Quiet Walkway all to yourself.  These gentle trails are a great hiking trail for seniors or small kids.

Cataract Falls is at the top of nearly every list of trails families love.  This well-graded hiking trail for seniors is located just behind the Sugarlands Visitor Center.  There’s plenty of parking, bathrooms with running water, drink machines, and even a gift shop and museum.  Sugarlands Visitor Center is a great place to spend half a day learning everything there is to know about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  

Easy Hikes For All Ages

If your family is ready for a little fresh air after touring this gorgeous building, simply head outside.  Following the wide, graded path, you’ll stroll along a small stream.  Not only is this trail easy to walk for all ages, you can take the whole family on a self-guided nature tour. Small informational signage in front of trees and plants teach you all about the beauty surrounding you.

After heading under a bridge, and up a small set of stairs, follow the nature trail back to Cataract Falls.  Take plenty of photos and be sure to stay on trail.  As tempting as it is for little ones, it’s never a good idea to climb up next to the falls.  Return to your car the way you came, or by taking a detour past the Park Headquarters and returning to your car via the sidewalk. 

The Gatlinburg Hiking Trails are not just a great walk for all generations. It’s also only one of two trails where dogs are allowed inside the park.  If you’re bringing your four-legged family member on a pet-friendly vacation, you’ll definitely want to see this trail.  The Gatlinburg Trail is wide and well-graded.  If you’re looking for a stroller friendly hiking trail or a hiking trail for seniors, you won’t want to miss it.

Start at the Sugarlands Visitor Center and follow the sidewalk back behind the building, past the park headquarters, and a small cemetery. Follow the road through the park housing and past the maintenance facility.  From here, you’ll climb a gentle hill while listening to the rushing river next to you.  Once at the top of the hill, see remnants of a time gone by.  A set of stairs and a fireplace hearth from a home still stand here. 

Waterfalls & Rivers

Down the hill, you’ll walk across a large, wide bridge and cross to the other side of the river.  From here, it’s a short, level walk to Stoplight #10 in Gatlinburg.  There are plenty of opportunities to hop down and splash in the river, take a break on a bench, or even take your picture together at the entrance sign of the park. 

Alternatively, there is a small parking area just past Stoplight #10 and you can walk this trail the opposite direction.  The trail is 2 miles in length total, so if you decide to walk the whole trail just remember you have to return, making a 4-mile trip.

Waterfalls are a mainstay attraction in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  But hiking to a waterfall doesn’t mean a day-long, strenuous hike.

Little River Trail

Huskey Branch Falls on the Little River Trail is a great hike for seniors and every member of your family. This hike starts out in the Elkmont section of the park, approximately 5 miles from Gatlinburg. Follow the signs for the Jakes Creek trailhead and use one of the many paved parking spots.  Follow the wide, gradual Little River Trail alongside the scenic Little River.  You begin the hike by walking through the former Daisy Town section of Elkmont.  The former homesites are dotted with chimneys and signs of times gone by.

Continue along this trail for a total of approximately 2.2 miles before coming to a large footbridge and the small waterfall.  It’s a great place to take a family photo before returning the way you came.  This nearly 5-mile hike is a great early morning walk with the family.  Enjoy a picnic afterward while taking a look at the rest of the still standing homes in the area.  

Fighting Creek Nature Trail

This 1.4-mile loop is located near Gatlinburg that takes an average of 32 minutes to complete, according to All Trails.” This is a self-guided nature trail located just behind the Sugarlands Visitor Center. … The trail is relatively flat, and leads you around a short loop, with views of the wooded forests famous in the Smoky Mountains. At the far end of the trail, there is a restored cabin that offers a view of the history of the area. This is also a site of a virtual geocache. This trail is notorious for black bear activity and is sometimes inaccessible when the bears are frequenting the area.”


Little River Trail – Located in the historic Elkmont section of the Smokies, Little River Trail is another wide and well-graded old roadbed that makes for easy walking.  While the trail is 6 miles in total length, don’t let this scare you off. You can walk out as far or stay as close to the car as you want. This trail gets its name from the Little River running next to the trail as you walk along, making another great place to splash around on a warm day.  

Cosby Nature Trail – Staying on the Cosby side of the park?  Check out the Cosby Nature Trail. This gentle 1-mile loop is on more unlevel ground and is a lot more of a wooded path than the others listed above.  However, it’s a great place to get kids back into nature. This loop trail follows small streams, crosses log bridges, and walks through former farm sites.  

curvy road

Grotto Falls

Grotto falls

Trillium Gap Trail

Driving the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Grotto Falls is a 3-mile round trip hike to one of the most unique and popular waterfalls in the Smokies.  Follow the route the llamas take up Mt. LeConte every week and, when you reach the falls, make sure to follow the trail back behind the waterfall for some fun photos. Cool off in the waterfall pool before descending back down to your car.

Some beautiful parks and walking trails:

Patriot Park

Wear Farm City Park

Sevierville Greenway

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite hiking trails for seniors in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll want to book a cabin big enough for the entire family!

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inside cabin

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