Taking a trip to the Smokies is fun, so why not bring home a token of your Smoky Mountain vacation’s good memories with a cool souvenir?  Some souvenirs can offer the cheese factor that we’ve come to expect out of gift shop coffee mugs and t-shirts, but a really cool and unique souvenir can also be acquired if you know the right places to look.  Whether you are purchasing for sweet grandma back home or for that friend who likes quirky unique wares, your Gatlinburg trip will offer something for each of them!

For the sweet lovers back home, you can delight them with some homemade taffy and other candy treats.  There are shops that make famous pulled taffy right in front of you!  Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen is one such place and patrons have gone there for years to sample their delicious morsels.  Box up a couple of pounds of taffy and you’ll make everyone back home immensely happy!

For the hardcore adventurous type, what about bagging a bear for a souvenir?  Hunting is allowed at certain times in certain places, so check into that and bring home quite a trophy!  Bear hunting sound a little out of your league?  What about bringing home a fresh caught trout?  Fish in any of the numerous streams or rivers for tasty trout that will impress your buddies.

Want a really unique gift?  Opt for a dulcimer musical instrument.  This folk music favorite can be purchased along with instructions and sheet music!  Who knows, by giving this as a souvenir, you could be helping to create the next folk music legend!  Be on the lookout for their youtube debut and then on to the Ellen show!

Know anyone with Celtic roots?  You could make a stop at the Celtic Heritage store for interesting pieces from Wales, Ireland, and Scotland!  Delight the people in your life with something that they will cherish for years to come and educate them on the piece’s origins.

Photo courtesy of celticheritage.net

There are plenty of shops to get coffee mugs and sweatshirts if you like, but there is no need to stick with common place souvenirs if you want to step outside the box.  Explore the options and bring back a piece of Gatlinburg with you.

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